A Basic Guide to Sourcing Rhinoplasty in Bangkok

Bangkok has long been the international hub for all forms of cosmetic surgery and if you are looking to have your nose reshaped, this is the city for you. The best plastic surgeons work in state-of-the-art clinics and prices are affordable when compared to the US or Europe, even after you take flights and accommodation into account.

Online Solutions

Finding a good nose surgery clinic (known as คลินิกเสริมจมูก in Thai) in Bangkok is easy with a Google search and a little browsing till help you to narrow down your choice to one clinic. It is important to check that the plastic surgeon is registered with the Medical Council and is permitted to carry out cosmetic surgery, which would be stated on the clinic’s website.

Read the Client Reviews

The best way to discover the skill level of the surgeon is to read the client reviews on their website and while it is not permitted to post before and after images on their website, when you meet the surgeon for an introductory consultation, he would be able to show you many before and after images of previous rhinoplasty operations to help you decide on the changes you wish to be made.

Type of Surgery

There are two main types of nose surgery; open and closed rhinoplasty. The open surgery involves making an incision on the narrow strip of skin between the nostrils, while the closed surgery method involved making incisions inside the nostrils and the surgeon would determine which method would be used.

Dermal Filler

In the event you only want to slightly alter the shape of your nose, it might be possible to achieve the desires result using special fillers that can be injected under the skin. This does not require a general anesthetic and the procedure takes around 15 minutes.

The Initial Consultation

Once you find the best clinic, you can make an appointment with the resident plastic surgeon, who would first discover your exact needs, with the help of some before and after photos, then he would explain how the process works. The surgeon would also make you aware of the risks that are involved with any type of surgery, which is his responsibility, and if everything is agreed, a date for the surgery would be booked and the clinic would issue you with a set of pre-op instructions you need to follow.

Of course, there is some downtime involved with rhinoplasty, which would very much depend on what changes you are looking to have, and while you are in Thailand, you can take a well-deserved holiday.

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