Children And The Covid Vaccine

MYTH: The COVID-19 vaccination for children is dangerous.

FACT: Both FDA and CDC have thoroughly evaluated the COVID-19 vaccine, which is recommended for children aged 5-11 years. The most rigorous safety monitoring of any vaccine in U.S history has been done for COVID-19.

The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective for children. After undergoing rigorous review, it has been approved by FDA and recommended for children aged 5-11 years. This recommendation follows extensive safety testing in thousands of children. The COVID-19 vaccines were designed and tested in the exact same manner as adult COVID-19 vaccinations. Side effects of vaccines were similar to those in adults, and comparable to other recommended vaccines for children, during clinical trials. A sore arm was the most common side effect. These side effects can affect your child’s ability and willingness to participate in daily activities. However, they should disappear within a few days. Rarely, severe allergic reactions can occur. Some people do not experience side effects.

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MYTH: My child is more likely to get infected by COVID-19 than it is to get the vaccine.

FACT: Getting children 5 and older vaccinated against COVID-19 will protect them the most.

COVID-19 should never be exposed to anyone. The risk of COVID-19 infecting children is the same as that for adults. Children who get COVID-19 may become sick for days, miss school, and be unable to play or learn with other children. Children who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 could also be at high risk of developing long-term post-COVID-19 symptoms, hospitalization, multisystem inflammation syndrome (MIS-C), or even death. Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has a 90% success rate in preventing COVID-19 among children aged 5-11 years. Children 5 years old and older should be vaccinated to prevent them from contracting COVID-19. This will also help keep them active in school and other group activities, and stop the spread of COVID-19 within their communities.

Side effects that children may experience following vaccinations are not unlike those that they might experience after routine vaccinations. These side effects are normal and part of their body’s protection-building process. Side effects should disappear within a few days. Rarely, the COVID-19 vaccine might cause more severe side effects such as an allergic reaction, myocarditis, or pericarditis (inflammation in the heart muscle). Learn more about possible side effects.

MYTH: The COVID-19 vaccines can cause fertility and other reproductive problems.

FACT: There’s no evidence that any COVID-19 vaccine causes fertility problems in men or women.

No evidence has been found that vaccines, including COVID-19, cause fertility problems in females or men. It is not known if vaccine ingredients or antibodies created following COVID-19 vaccinations will cause problems in a future pregnancy. The COVID-19 vaccine does not affect puberty.

There is no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 vaccination can cause loss infertility. Both men and women who are planning to have children in the future should also receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

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MYTH: COVID-19 isn’t dangerous for children so vaccinating them is a good idea.

FACT: The benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5-11 years outweigh any potential risks.

A COVID-19 vaccine can protect children 5 and over from contracting COVID-19. If your child does get COVID-19, it can protect them from serious illness, hospitalizations, and long-term complications.

The COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial was conducted with thousands of children. There were no safety concerns and the side effects had short-term effects. Side effects may not occur in all children, and severe side effects are uncommon.

Children who are infected by COVID-19 may not experience the mild side effects some might experience after vaccination. They could become very sick. Children aged 5-11 years old have been hospitalized for more than 8,300 COVID-19-related illnesses and almost 100 COVID-19-related deaths as of October 2021. COVID-19 is one of the leading causes of death in children between 5 and 11 years old. Children can also experience short-term and long-term complications after being infected with COVID-19. Post-COVID infections can occur in children who are infected by COVID-19. These conditions can last several weeks or even longer. They can also lead to serious complications such as multisystem inflammation syndrome (MIS-C). is a condition in which different parts of the body become inflamed. More than 2,300 cases of MIS-C were reported to children aged 5-11 years between April 2020 and October 2021.

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