Coronavirus and Sexual Health

Right now, you will find couple of or no individuals the western world who don’t learn about coronavirus (technically, COVID-19), the pandemic being causing major changes around the world. Only at that writing, the storyline is beginning to change and altering every single day, and there’s not a way of knowing precisely what path the pandemic will require. What’s obvious is the fact that coronavirus is really a major concern health concern – which enhances the question of whether or not this presents any sexual health or particularly penis health concerns.

The reply is yes – type of. A minimum of so far as is famous now. (It ought to be noted the information presented here is for educational purposes and cannot replacement for advice from qualified doctors, who ought to be consulted by anybody with questions regarding coronavirus.)


The present coronavirus may most effectively be transmitted through infected tiny droplets passing in one person’s mouth or nose to another’s. For instance, if your contaminated person sneezes inside a second person’s face, there’s a reasonably significant chance the second person will end up contaminated too. (It ought to be noticed that in the two cases – that of the individual who the sneezing which of the individual whose face is sneezed in – it’s possibly that neither person may have heard they have coronavirus. It’s asymptomatic in nearly all cases – but can nonetheless be forwarded to another person in whom it might not be asymptomatic.)

It’s also believed that coronavirus could be handed down through connection with a surface that’s been contaminated. So if an individual using the virus spreads the germs to, say, a door handle, an individual touching the doorway handle may get the germs when they then touch their affected hands for their face, they might spread herpes privately by doing so. However, this process of transmission is not as likely than direct transmission in the mouth or nose to a different face.

Sexual health

So how exactly does this connect with sexual health? Clearly, if sneezing or coughing can transmit these infected tiny droplets, so can kissing. So couple who participate in kissing by which one partner is infected operate a significant chance of both couples becoming infected.

How about other sexual functions? Other versions of coronavirus haven’t been found to spread considerably sexually however, it makes sense when, say, a lady have contracted the coronavirus performed dental sex on the man who then touched his penis and touched his face, he might perfectly increase the chance of becoming infected.

Other apparently more innocent functions that report to sexual health may also pose some problems. For instance, a weight date and discussing food (“You need to do this!”) or sipping wine from the date’s glass could also be a potential route of transmission.

Even something similar to internet dating apps should be regarded. The number of people completely wipe their phone screens regularly? Swiping right by having an infected finger may potentially create a problem.

The conclusion: if an individual thinks they could be infected, it is best to (1) get tested immediately and (2) avoid sexual contact (along with other physical contact) until their health status is famous. And it is essential that people be skeptical of possible infected surfaces – so that they wash or disinfect their hands frequently as well as screens or any other objects they touch frequently.

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