Using Dumbbells & The Different Types to Choose From

When you go to a gym, you will find different kinds of gym equipment you can use to help you get your fitness back on track. Some of the gym equipment you will find are treadmills, rowers, indoor bikes, cross trainers, spin bikes, and more. But one of the most common and probably also very important are dumbbells. Dumbbells are suitable for any kind of workout because they are pretty versatile. So if you’re searching for the right dumbbell for the right price, there are many sources that can tell you where to purchase them.

Dumbbells are small and inexpensive, and you will always find a type of exercise where dumbbells are helpful. They come in different sizes, shapes and are also made in various materials. So if you’re wondering what the health benefits of dumbbells are and what type is the best to use, you can read more about it here.

The Health Benefits of Using Dumbbells for Workout

If you incorporate the use of dumbbells in your resistance training twice every week, you can boost your metabolic rate while burning calories. It also helps protect you against injury while on a heavy workout. Aside from that, it increases the strength of your bones, muscles, and connective tissue. And depending on the body part, you’re focusing on, using dumbbells activates the different muscles and stimulates muscle growth. It also improves muscle force and flexibility. Dumbbells are also known to promote coordination and stability in your muscles. Finally, you can use it for many different exercises!

The Different Types of Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells allow you to change the amount of weight you’re lifting. The two types of adjustable dumbbells are modern adjustable and bar and plates. So, the bar and plates will enable you to change the weight of the dumbbell by changing the weight plates. On the other hand, you can adjust the modern adjustable dumbbells by clicking and locking more or less weight into the bar.

Fixed dumbbells are consistent, which means you need to buy them by pairs, individually, or as a set. So these are not ideal for those who don’t have much space in their homes.

Studio weights are lighter and are coated in textured neoprene or rubber. It protects the dumbbell and also adds durability to it.

So if you’re searching for dumbbells you can use at home, these three are the only options available. In addition, many will purchase adjustable dumbbells because they are easier and don’t require too much space.

Some Exercises You Can do Using Dumbbells

The best part about dumbbells is that you can move and form those muscles without the need to purchase heavy gym equipment or going to the gym. Some of the beginner exercises you can do using dumbbells are lateral raise, biceps curl, triceps kickback, overhead press, and dumbbell bench press.

If you think you can take more than just the basic bench press, you might want to try some intermediate dumbbell exercises, such as chest flye, bent-over row, front squat, front raise, T press-up, Arnold press, and upright row.

For those ready for the more advanced kind of exercises, you might want to try split squat, chest pull-over, dumbbell snatch, renegade row, and so much more.

You can mix and match all of these different exercises, depending on your target. As you can see, dumbbells are very useful when working out.

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