What is a Terpene and what it is all about?

What is a Terpene? A terpenes is a natural organic compound which occurs naturally in the leaves and stems of several species of the hemp plant. They occur in the potpourri of the marijuana plant along with other naturally occurring cannabinoids including THC and CBD. Terpenes occur in different cannabis strains, as well as the psychoactive substance THC.

Terpenes occur in varying amounts in different plants and are only produced under certain conditions. Most of them can be found in cannabis. However, it’s not possible to separate CBD and terpenes in CBD products, so most companies don’t list terpenes on the ingredients label. Instead, they list pure CBD extracts or state that they don’t contain terpenes. Let’s discuss what is a terpene?

A group of common terpenes, CBD, CBG, EGCG and Gavriel are commonly known as essential oils. A small number of other compounds are included, but they do not belong to the family of terpenes. Terpenes belong to the class of chemicals that have a “terpene” in their name but which have no essential oil content. It is very important to understand what each of the terpenes does for you, so you will be able to choose the right CBD products for your needs.

A small number of terpenes have a very strong smell, so if you are expecting a really strong smell when you spray a CBD oil it is important to understand how it works. CBD is a psychoactive substance and is delivered through inhalation or a mouthful. When the CBD enters the body, it acts on nearby nerve cells (neurotransmitters) that generate a chemical reaction in the brain. The result is the familiar “cuddleberry” smell we all associate with CBD: a high concentration of the substance at the tip of the nose or in the hair.

There are other compounds that can give CBD a scent, including some terpenes that have a berry like appearance. The difference between these scented oils and CBD is that CBD has no psychoactive properties. In other words, when people smell CBD they do not get a feeling of paranoia or a “being ripped off.” When CBD is present in pure form, it is odourless. Only a small amount of the oil evaporates and so only the concentrated “buzz” is produced.

When talking about what is a terpene, or a CBD infused oil, one of the possible benefits is it helps to heal certain ailments. Terpenoids from hemp plants have been shown to possess antioxidants, antimicrobial, antiseptic, sedative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties. If CBD is effective at healing these conditions, one can imagine what it might do in relation to the more serious medical conditions such as cancer, which has CBD within its structure.

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