What Supplements Should You Take for Sleep?

It’s important to get a good amount of sleep for both your energy levels and health. A good night’s sleep will help your brain and body function excellently, as well as improve your memory, decision-making, learning, and creativity levels. If you don’t get enough sleep, you have a higher risk of developing conditions such as diabetes, obesity, or heart disease.

Unfortunately, getting enough sleep seems like a luxury nowadays, with people not getting enough sleep each night due to hectic work schedules or insomnia. If you’re having trouble sleeping, it may be time to shop at supplementfirst.com and invest in sleep-promoting supplements. Take a look at the natural supplements you can purchase from Supplement First to help with your sleep quality!

  1. Melatonin

Melatonin is the most common and popular supplement when it comes to improving sleep quality. Our bodies actually produce melatonin naturally, which signals to our brains that it’s time to sleep.

The time of day will greatly influence melatonin’s production cycle and release, naturally rising in the evening and falling come morning time. That is why melatonin supplements from brands like Supplement First are commonly used as a sleep aid, especially when the melatonin cycle is disrupted by night shifts at work or jetlag. Studies have shown that melatonin helps improve sleep quality in those with sleep disorders, reducing the time required to fall asleep!

  1. Valerian Root

Valerian is an herb native to Europe and Asia, commonly used as a natural treatment for symptoms of menopause, depression, and anxiety. It is also a common sleep-promoting herbal supplement in Europe and the USA.

Small studies and research reviews have shown that this supplement can help with sleep quality and sleep disorder symptoms, but do note that these studies and trials were subjective and that the study results are inconsistent for now. Some report the supplement’s benefits but others haven’t experienced any difference. That said, it is worth trying out as taking valerian root for short-term use is relatively safe.

  1. Magnesium

Magnesium is an important mineral used in many processes in our body, including brain function and heart health. This mineral can also help calm our mind and body down, making it easier to sleep.

Studies have shown how magnesium’s relaxing effect can be contributed to how it regulates melatonin production. It can also relax muscles and induce sleep. You can find various forms of magnesium supplements available, including those combining this mineral with other sleep-promoting nutrients like melatonin or glycine.

  1. Lavender

Lavender plants are found in almost every continent, which produce purple flowers that have many household uses when dried. Moreover, it emits a soothing fragrance that can improve sleep. A few small studies show that lavender aromatherapy can help with sleep quality and reduce anxiety!

Wrapping It Up

Consider taking any of these supplements to get proper sleep now! But do make sure you check with a doctor to ensure these supplements are safe to take for you.

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